Pedcor Acquisition Strategy

Pedcor Homes is actively expanding its acquisition management portfolio. Acting as the acquisition manager and the rehabilitation construction manager, Pedcor Homes is acquiring projects as investment opportunities for its affiliated companies, Pedcor Housing Corporation and Village Capital Corporation.

Due to the highly liquid nature of these companies as investors, the acquisition timeline is greatly reduced. After the acceptance of an LOI, a purchase agreement could be completed in just a few days. All acquisitions by these companies are all cash purchases which allows for a 30/30 due diligence period and closing within 60 days of an accepted contract.

Pedcor Housing Corporation and Village Capital Corporation are service corporation subsidiaries of United Fidelity Bank and are focused on affordable housing investment and development. Located in Evansville, IN, United Fidelity Bank is a $4.5 billion thrift savings bank primarily engaged in consumer, commercial, commercial real estate, SBA, and residential lending. In addition to its lending activities, United Fidelity Bank owns several subsidiaries including Pedcor Homes and Pedcor Housing Corporation, which are known collectively as the Affordable Housing Group, which own, manage, and develop affordable housing.

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